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Slotstik Skimboards


"Slotstik was my first and most influencial sponsor. They offered me a position as a team rider in 2010. Slotstik not only gave me the push of confidence I needed to achieve my goals in skimboarding but have been my rock throughout my endevours. I'm eternally indebted to them for their support. Check them out at for the best quality skimboards you'll ever buy!" - Yasmyn Andrade



Skim City

Skim City has been offering skimboards and skimboarding stuff worldwide since 1997! By visiting their store or their site, you'll find Skim City has a fantastic selection of Zap and Victoria Skimboards, skimboards from Slotstik, Exile, and Grape, as well as Velocity and DB. They have skimboards for wave riders, sand skimmers, and skim boards for flatland, too.


Skim Chicks

Skim Chicks is a grassroots organization bringing together a community of women who are dedicated to elevating and legitimizing the sport of female skimboarding. They were the reason why Victoria Skimboards successfully hosted and continue to host the 2010 first ever women's professional division.

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