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Yasmyn Andrade is a Professional Skimboarder, Singer/Songwriter, Business Marketing Specialist (B.A) & Entrepreneur. Yasmyn was born in a town called Recreio dos Bandeirantes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 1998, her family moved to South Florida where she began exploring music and singing by joining school and community musicals. In 1999, she completed John Casablanca's Modeling and Career course (founder of Elite Model Management International, one of the largest and most prestigious modeling agencies in the world). Yasmyn was involved in sports like soccer, cheerleading, ice skating, flag football, volleyball, swimming, ballet, track and competitive hip-hop dance.

At the age of 12, while visiting family in Rio de Janeiro, Yasmyn  began surfing. The ethereal connection of riding nature's wave, the lifestyle, and the challenge that came with surfing had her hooked.


In 2009, she picked up Skimboarding as a hobby at the Jetties of Ft.Lauderdale, FL and for the next year, she skimboarded nearly every day. She began competing in small skimboard contests on the east coast placing 1st in her first four competitions. In 2010, Yasmyn traveled to Laguna Beach, California where she competed in the first ever women's professional divsion of Skimboarding placing 5th out of 16 women. Little did she know that this hobby would change her life forever. In 2011, at the age of 19, hungry for success and in search of herself, a two week trip to Laguna Beach for the second World Championship of Skimboarding turned into a permanent move. With the support of her family, Yasmyn decided she would miss her returning flight to Florida to stay in California to establish herself as a professional athlete and music artist.


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